Our commitments to you

We will treat you with respect and courtesy

  • We will be polite, respectful and courteous and use language that is clear and understandable.

We will make ourselves accessible

Access to staff and premises:

  • Staff will answer telephone queries from 9am to 4pm on working days
  • We provide a Freecall number for clients 1800 629 794
  • People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call through Freecall 1800 060 116 for teletypewriter service and our hearing room has a hearing loop
  • Wheelchair access and accessible toilets are available
  • All correspondence will include a contact name, telephone number and email address
  • Hearings will be held in our Burwood Office, Sydney metropolitan area unless otherwise arranged
  • When preferred, clients may participate in a hearing by telephone or video-link

Access to interpreters, representation and information:

  • If you need an interpreter we will provide one free of charge
  • You may conduct your own case or have a friend or another person to assist you conduct your case
  • Information and assistance will be given from staff at each step of the process
  • If your enquiry or appeal is not within the jurisdiction of the HAC we will make our best endeavours to direct you to an appropriate alternative agency
  • Information on organisations and services that could help with your appeal will be provided if requested or considered appropriate

We will deal with you fairly

Opportunity to be heard and privacy in proceedings:

  • An acknowledgement letter will be posted to you within one week of receipt of an application
  • If a hearing is required, it will usually be held within four weeks
  • Applicants will have a reasonable opportunity to present their case
  • Hearings are held in private meeting rooms
  • Your privacy will be respected by members and staff
  • We will ensure that any potential conflict of interest is properly addressed in scheduling your appeal hearing

We will give you reasons for the HAC decision

  • The HAC will give you a complete report (meeting record) explaining the reasons for its decision in writing generally within two weeks of the hearing.
  • If the HAC adjourns your appeal to obtain further information you will be informed.

We will operate in an efficient manner

  • We will acknowledge receipt of applications within one week
  • Telephone and in person enquiries will be dealt with immediately or as soon as a staff person is available
  • If we need more time to answer an enquiry, we will tell you how long it may take
  • Written enquiries/complaints will be responded to within ten working days

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Receive professional and efficient service and help with your special needs
  • Have your privacy respected and your information kept confidential by the HAC
  • A fair hearing, with an opportunity to have your say
  • Be kept informed about the progress of your appeal
  • Have with you an advocate, friend or family member on the day of your hearing for support
  • Be told about your further appeal or complaint rights
  • Give feedback on the HAC’s service.

Your Responsibilities

So that we can meet our commitments we expect you to:

  • Treat staff and Committee members respectfully
  • Comply with any relevant practice directions or specific directions given by the HAC
  • Keep appointments unless it is not possible to do so, in which case you should tell us well beforehand
  • Tell us promptly of any change in circumstances, including changes in address or telephone number
  • Let us know in advance if you need any special assistance with language and/or access to our office

Comments on our Service

We value your comments on the standard of our service.  Your comments tell us what we are doing well and where we might need to improve.

If you have been particularly pleased with your dealings with us, please let us know.  See Contact Us

If you are not satisfied with our service, we want you to tell us.  We will respond to complaints quickly and fairly. Please see the next section "How to Make a Complaint".

How to Make a Complaint

The HAC treats complaints seriously and will respond quickly.  All clients have the right to complain and information you provide about the service of staff and members will remain confidential but can be used to assist the HAC to improve its services.  To make a complaint, please contact us either in person, by mail, phone, fax or email. See the Complaints menu option on our website for more details.

Disability Related Needs

Contact our office to discuss how the HAC can best meet your individual needs.  Assistance may include sign interpreters, hearing loop and flexible hearing options (like hearings by telephone and video link).


Call Freecall™ 1800 060 116 for teletypewriter service.