Who is the HAC

The Committee is an independent body and consists of the Manager, Presiding Chairs and Members. The Committee Secretariat operates as a business unit of the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) in order to support its operations and obtain administrative and business support.


The Manager is the Executive Head of the Housing Appeals Committee and is accountable to the Minister for Housing for administration of the Housing Appeals Committee.

The Manager also has responsibility for the overall administration of the Committee Secretariat and is an advocate for best practice in decision making by social housing providers regarding clients.


The Secretariat provides business support to the Committee and is the first point of contact for clients and social housing providers, providing information about the appeals process. The Registrar manages the Secretariat, is responsible for its corporate and operational functioning and reports to the Manager. The Secretariat does not determine appeals as that is the role of the Committee.


Members are appointed by the Minister for Housing. There are 15 members who bring a range of qualifications and skills including:

  • knowledge of housing, community services, health, law, psychology and/or social welfare
  • expertise in merits review
  • understanding of issues relating to service delivery for people with special needs and from particular communities and
  • knowledge of social housing policies.

Presiding Chairs

Presiding Chairs are highly experienced Committee members who chair Committee hearings and prepare appeal reports following a Committee hearing.