Service Charter

This charter sets out:

  • The commitment of the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) to its clients
  • What clients can expect from the HAC in terms of service standards and what the HAC expects from its clients
  • HAC access and contact details
  • How to find out more about the HAC, and
  • How to make a complaint about the HAC

About the HAC

The NSW Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) is an independent agency that deals with appeals from people who are unhappy with a decision of a social housing provider. The HAC can hear appeals on a range of decisions made by:

  • FACS Housing Services (public housing) or
  • Community Housing providers.

The HAC is classified as a Ministerial Advisory committee and comprises Members appointed by Cabinet who hear appeals and Secretariat staff who perform a wide range of support functions.  Secretariat staff are the first point of contact for users of the HAC services.

This Service Charter expresses the Committee’s commitment to providing high quality, timely and courteous services to our clients and other parties. We are happy to hear your suggestions about improving our service.