Helpful Links

NSW Ombudsmans Office

The NSW Ombudsman investigates and reports on complaints about the conduct of a NSW agency or their employee, including both government and some non-Government agencies.

DCJ Housing

DCJ Housing is the umbrella organisation for government housing initiatives in NSW. DCJ Housing provides quality rental housing solutions for those whose needs cannot be met by the private market.

Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO)

The NSW Aboriginal Housing Office has four main priorities - to develop a viable Aboriginal housing sector, increase focus on asset management, increase access to safe, affordable and culturally appropriate housing and promote employment opportunities for Aboriginal people within the sector.

NSW Community Housing Division (CHD)

The Community Housing Division has the charter to undertake the strategic development of the community housing sector and promote client-focused and efficient service delivery. The Office is entrusted with ensuring the community housing system is effectively managed, operates in the public interest and is accountable to Government.

NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) deals with matters under the following 8 Divisions: home building; residential parks; motor vehicle; retirement villages; tenancy; general; strata and community schemes; commercial. The role of NCAT is to provide an independent, low cost and accessible dispute resolution forum to the people of NSW who are parties in consumer or tenancy disputes.

NSW Community Housing Industry Association

Community housing in NSW provides affordable rental housing to people on low to moderate incomes. The Federation assists people in solving their housing difficulties by providing quality, low cost and affordable housing solutions; being responsive to local needs; encouraging tenant involvement; achieving the highest standards for accountability, efficiency and community service.

Churches Housing

Churches Community Housing Inc. (CCH), is an ecumenical organisation established to give Churches information and practical assistance about how to develop affordable, secure and appropriate community housing for people on a low income and special needs.

Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are independent, non-profit organisations which provide referral, advice and assistance. These services are provided free of charge. There are currently 207 centres in Australia.

Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWON)

EWON`s role is to provide an independent way of resolving complaints for customers in NSW of electricity providers, AGL and Sydney Water. They also provide information to customers, community groups, industry bodies and other organisations. They often deal with issues affecting tenants of public housing and private rental housing.