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Privacy Notice

We collect information from you to process your appeal application. We also obtain information from your housing provider and other relevant parties because by you signing this form you are authorising your housing provider and other relevant parties to release information/documents to the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC).

Terms and Conditions

In using this online form, you acknowledge that the time of lodgement for any online application is the time when HAC receives the application. If you agree, HAC will send documents relating to your application to you by email. There are risks in transmitting information by email and while HAC strives to protect such information, we cannot guarantee the security or integrity of information transmitted by email or by any other means. Please notify us if you do not wish to receive any information by email.

By lodging the online application you state that:

  • you have read and understood the contents of the Privacy Policy above;
  • you have read and understood the contents of the Disclaimer;
  • HAC is not responsible for the loss of any unsaved information; and
  • whilst HAC controls the operation of its online lodgement system, it may not be available at all times or at any particular time.


An appeal will not proceed until you have been properly identified. You can be properly identified by following the document verification process system.

If however you do not follow this process or if we are still not satisfied as to your identity, then we may require you to provide such further material or information as we believe may be necessary to properly identify you.

I have read and understood the Privacy Notice, the Terms and Conditions and the Identification procedure shown above, and agree to be bound by these statements *