Information for Community Housing Providers

The Housing Appeals Committee's (HAC's) jurisdiction includes all NSW residential tenancies legislation.

This means that community housing clients have access to an independent avenue of review if they are unhappy with the outcome of an appeal to their housing provider. For more detailed information on appealable matters, go to What can be appealed.


The Community Housing External Appeals System is based on the assumption that housing providers will have the following:

  • An internal appeal policy and procedure
  • Written policies and procedures relating to appealable matters
  • Written advice to clients outlining the basis of decisions
  • Tenant/ applicant files and/ or other records which give a full background to the circumstances within which the decision was made
  • A policy and procedure about how to engage in the external appeal process.

Effective policies and record keeping systems will help the HAC to establish a basis, or rationale, for the housing provider`s decision.  It is essential that housing providers clearly document the reasons for their decision and explain how the decision is based on policy.  This will ensure that the HAC is able to consider all the relevant facts.

What happens when an appeal is lodged with the HAC?

When an appeal is received at HAC you will be required to submit the following documentation:

  • Tenant/applicant file and any information relevant to the decision
  • Copy of the policy or policies relevant to the decision
  • A briefing note summarising the appeal issue and detailed assessment of the appellant's application