Appeal Process

When the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) Secretariat receives your appeal, we ask the housing provider to send your client file to the Secretariat.

When the file is received, a date is set for your appeal to be considered by the Committee and you are advised by letter of the date and time of the interview. The Housing Appeals Committee aims to schedule a hearing within 4 weeks of receipt of the file from the housing provider.

Hearings are generally held on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.30am and 3.30pm. The last interview is scheduled to commence at 2.30pm. If you need an interpreter to help you speak with the Committee this will be arranged by the Secretariat.

The appeal hearing will be:

  • a face to face interview

  • or

  • a telephone interview

with the Housing Appeals Committee. The hearing is informal and takes 30-50 minutes.

The hearing is to:

  • give the person a chance to explain why they are unhappy with the housing provider`s decision;

  • allow the person to provide more information about their situation and their housing need;

  • make sure the Committee has all possible information from the appellant to assess the case.

The housing provider is not represented at the hearing but may be contacted for more information before or after the hearing.

Appellants can be assisted by an advocate or support person (See Advocate Information).

Professional interpreters will be used when needed/ requested.

If the person appealing is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island person there will be an Aboriginal committee member involved in the hearing. (See Information for Aboriginal clients).

Appellants will be sent the Committee`s recommendation of the appeal in writing within about 2 weeks after the hearing.