Aboriginal Clients

Information for Aboriginal Clients

The Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) welcomes appeals from Aboriginal clients.

A lot of Aboriginal people live in DCJ Housing, AHO (Aboriginal Housing Office) and community housing properties, or are on waiting lists for housing. You may be unhappy with a decision of a social housing provider. If this is the case you can generally appeal to the HAC unless the issue comes under the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

It is your right as a tenant or applicant for public and community housing to appeal about decisions affecting your housing.

DCJ Housing manages AHO properties and the waiting list for AHO housing. These tenants and applicants can appeal to the HAC.

The Housing Appeals Committee does not deal with appeals about Land Council and Aboriginal Housing Corporation provided housing.

The HAC actively encourages appeals from Aboriginal tenants and applicants. Sometimes Aboriginal people have said they do not feel confident about appealing a decision. We can help with the process or refer people to specific Aboriginal organisations who can assist. It is a good thing if people are using their appeal rights to make sure decisions are correct.

We are very happy to help you to appeal or provide you with information about the appeal process. You can talk to us by ringing 1800 629 794.

For detailed information on the appeals process, go to: How to Appeal

See also: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Brochure.